Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blogger or Slacker?

I do like to blog, and I am just learning I admit, but over the past month or so I've been quite slack.  I've thought a few times that I needed to get back here and post something.... but then I haven't (obviously). Life does get in the way on occasion and mine seems to have been a little more busy than usual.  Not for any particular reason.  There were school holidays and I spent more time with the kidlets, I had worrying news from a friend and she continues to fight her battle with the Big C and my thoughts are with her often, and we had a few minor changes in our life.  But now I'm back here and I'll try to be here more regularly.  I enjoy blogging and sharing how we make things work, I also like hearing tips from others, so don't be shy!!

So... school holidays were fun.  I did some research and found some free activities to do with the kids.  We spent some time at our local library - they always put on special things during the holidays.  We did Easter craft and Autumn craft there.  I also managed to find out about free cooking classes held at the markets by a fabulous group called Kinderchefs.  The Prince and Princess had a wonderful time and came home with what they had made.  Great morning!  Kinderchefs also run cooking classes (for a fee) during school terms and holidays.  You can find out more here.

I also took a tip from another website and put my kids' names down for the Kids Club at Hungry Jacks.  So now at their birthday they receive a letter and a voucher for a Kids Club Meal.  They also receive vouchers to use for the rest of the year.  It doesn't cost you anything to join either and they love to get mail addressed to them and the opportunity to be taken out for a treat.  IGA also runs a similar Club, again it doesn't cost you anything to join and around their birthday, your child will receive a letter and a voucher for a couple of items for free from your local IGA.  The Prince celebrated his birthday yesterday and with his voucher he received a 200g tin of Milo and an orange.  In December the Princess received a packet of choc bits and a kiwi fruit.  They just love going into the shop and finding their items and presenting them at the checkout.

So there's a couple of little money savers for you!  You can join up for Hungry Jacks kids club here and for the IGA one here.

Happy Budgeting Everyone!  I promise to blog more regularly now (hopefully, life permitting).