Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Money Jar

Loose change.  It seems to accumulate for some people.  Not so much for me, I'm right onto the fact that the couple of gold coins in my purse probably add up to $4 and I can use that for something.  But a lot of people don't think like that, especially men.  Now I'm not being sexist at all here,  men's wallets aren't really built for change and so it annoys them to have it.  They'd rather have lovely flat notes to slide into their wallets, or iPhone cases or whatever it is they keep their money in.  Women have purses with space and zippers to hold change.  And if we don't use that then we tend to let it gather in the bottom of our handbags.

A couple of weeks ago, The King started to put his change in a jar that I had left out on the bench after washing it.  (Originally to keep for home made jam or pickles or such for Christmas presents).  Well!!  That little jar now sits permanently on the microwave and every couple of days gets topped up with a bit more change.  If the kidlets find some coins somewhere they know to put it into the jar.  I've found it wonderful!  The Prince needs $2 for a Kindy excursion?  Off to the jar I go!  The Princess has been super good and deserves a bought lunch this week?  Yep, you guessed it, the money jar is the go.  It also comes in handy when charity collectors or kids selling things for sports clubs or schools come to the door and you have one place to go to for the change you need, instead of scrounging around all over the place.

So for us, the money jar will probably become a fixture.  You could also use it as a savings jar, just make sure you have a hard to get off lid on it to stop you from being tempted to dip into it.  Either way, that loose change will become money you didn't think you had!