Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First Post Ever!

Well here I am in Blogger Land.  I've been inspired to begin this blog as a result of people often asking how I manage our household on the one income.  Some people have suggested I write a book, one person in particular suggested I start blogging (Thanks Tammi).  So here goes!

I have some ideas in my head about how I'd like this blog to go, but I'm also willing to let it evolve into whatever it does, so feedback is welcome.  I suppose I believe that experience is a great teacher, so why not share my experiences with others and if it helps them -  then great!  I hope to pass on tips that I have learnt but also things I've tried that haven't worked.  Pretty much, I'm going to share the way I manage our family income.  As a result there are bound to be some anecdotes about our family life in order to illustrate what I'm talking about - hopefully this will make it entertaining for you.

So the basic cast of character are.....
Me - The Budget Queen
Husband - The King
Daughter - The Princess
Son - The Prince

We live in a three bedroom house, mortgage, two cars, and all the general expenses you'd expect from a typical family.  Sometimes we struggle, sometimes we spend, this is our story.

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  1. This is fantastic! There couldn't be a person more perfect to be The Budget Queen! I look forward to reading your many tips and stories in the future!!! xx